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By Mother Likes It Records August, 2017

Brut Boogaloo have been a household name for rock lovers in Norway since the release of their debut LP back in the early mid-2000s, which was followed by a string of big festival gigs.

Their sound is consists of groovy rhythms, big and confident guitar riffs, catchy vocal lines and bottomless energy. The fact that the band loves rock is evident in every tone. Their music is inspired by the greats from the 70s with newer Scandinavian rock mixed in, but the band’s arrangements are truly their own.

After honing their skills for over a decade the band truly shines as a live act and there are no gimmicks to what they do. They deliver a show so tight, playful, and confident that it’s all but impossible not to get involved.

Although Brut Boogaloo aren’t known for rapidly releasing music, the few releases they have are of a quality few modern rock bands can match. The 25th of August the wait will be over as Brut Boogaloo releases their long awaited third album titled Strike III.

The record consists of 10 songs that shows a great appreciation and understanding for 70s rock. The album which the band has produced themselves has taken almost a decade to complete, but the time has been well spent. This is Brut Boogaloo at their sharpest and purest.

The singles leading up to the release has gained radio play on Norwegian radio and on official playlists on Spotify and other musical curators. The band will tour Norway in support of the album.

Henning Solvang
Vocals & Guitars

Børge Henriksen
Drums & Percussion

Peter Boström
Bass Guitars

Peter Olofsson



Mother Likes It Records 2017

1. King of Crap
2. Afterglow
3. Human Snake
4. Top of the Molehill
5. Shadow from the Past
6. Band for You
7. Hurricane Train
8. Get Your Heart
9. Miles Away
10. One for All

Dirty Living LP

Midnight Monkey 2008

1. Move a Little Closer
2. Strike II
3. Messed Up a Good Thing
4. Sattelite Junction
5. Running Out of Reasons
6. Monkey Heart Blues
7. Destined By the Tracks
8. Dirty Living

When The Dog Takes Over LP

Midnight Monkey 2006

1. Strike One
2. Ladylip
3. Carry Me Home
4. Ladies, Fish and Gentlemen
5. Wasting My Time
6. Room of Mirrors
7. Hour of Darkness
8. Move Too Slow
9. Midnight Monkey
10. Hours Never Ending
11. Diamond In a Robe


VenueOther actsCity / CountryDateTickets
John DeeLabel, Firetop Mountain, Simen LoeOslo / Norway2017-05-24Ticketmaster
Målrock FestivalSondre Lerche, Garbrielle, Janove m.m.Årdalstangen / Norway2017-08-10Ticketmaster
Blårock-Tromsø / Norway2017-08-25Ticketmaster
ParkteatretBrutusOslo / Norway2017-09-08Ticketmaster
Martin's-Lillestrøm / Norway2017-09-09No pre-sale
Sort & blå scenePanzergeilPorsgrunn / Norway2017-09-23


Zanzibar Inn-Lauvsnes / Norway2017-09-29


Verkstedhallen & Lobbyen-Trondheim / Norway2017-09-30


Big Dipper-Oslo / Norway2017-10-20

No pre-sale