Here comes Mr. Clean, he’s had an ugly dream, he was a white knight
Still asleep, he’s walking down the street shouting his rally cry
About a broken land, no one will understand, this man they walk around
Yeah they take two steps back - one to the side, in a dodging dance

He could have climbed the rough side of the mountain, but there was a lift
Standing among the giants regretting, when they raise their fists
A twisted sweet romance – if he just took a chance and went the hard way down
And not take two steps back – one to the side in a dodging dance

The human snake’s on the run - it’s the chance of a lifetime Yeah, he had a slip of the tongue my friend

He wouldn’t lie, he’s got a helmet and a tie, he moves through the city
And with a foolish grin she lets him in, he’s a man on a mission
And sometimes she wonders what’s beyond but only for a little while
And they takes two steps back – one to the side, in a dodging dance
See how they fly


Hanging around killing time, ten feet from a lion
Hanging around killing time, we’re doing alright
We’re trying to get away in the night
But the feeling is here to stay, so turn out the lights